Mercedes-Benz Teases CLS Coupe For L.A Unveil

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Mercedes-Benz Teases CLS Coupe For L.A Unveil

If you’re aware of the fact that Mercedes-Benz plans on releasing two very similar cars with very dissimilar objectives at the same time, you might be as perplexed as we are about how the near-concurrent launch of the E-Class-based CLS and Mercedes-AMG ‘GT4’ based on this year’s GT Concept.

It’s possible they’re directly related within the Daimler clan, but often hinted at that they, in fact, aren’t. That, however, is the subject for another discussion as the matter at hand now is the newly released teaser images for the all-new CLS, a car that’s due to be unveil before the world at the Los Angeles Motor Show at the end of November.

Mercedes-Benz Teases CLS Coupe For L.A Unveil

That Mercedes-Benz is calling this new car the ‘CLS Coupe’ instead of the more generic ‘CLS Class’ is quite telling, not because it kills any rumours of a ‘CLE’, but instead foreshadowing its default position as the sportiest Benz that isn’t a two-door or SUV. Ostensibly, it also precludes the future introduction of a Shooting Brake bodystyle, which would be a huge shame.

The dimly lit studio has a soft glow of blood red that matches the car’s exterior colour, which here seems to look a little matte. It’s fascia wears a somewhat familiar Mercedes-Benz nose and grille but flanked by sleeker headlamp enclosures with illuminated L-shaped daytime running lamps signatures.

That red theme continues to the CLS’ interior where the deep shade is used unabashedly for the very fancily machined air conditioning vents as well as surrounding the widescreen infotainment system and digital instrument cluster.

Mercedes-Benz Teases CLS Coupe For L.A UnveilMercedes-Benz Teases CLS Coupe For L.A Unveil

Whether or not there will be a clear line between AMG’s in-house four-door and this CLS Coupe under the Benz name remains to be seen. What is fairly certain, though, is the familiar line-up of powertrains expected to be seen in either.

Like the E-Class, the CLS Coupe is expected to be powered by the usual swath of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, with four-pots making up the majority of units sold and the new Daimler 3.0-litre straight-six turbo-petrol making an appearance as well. Should there be AMG versions, expect either a V8 or, as it being rumoured, a high performance hybrid option.

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