First Look At Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon

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First Look At Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge’s slow drip of information intravenous about their new, extra badass Challenger, the drag strip special SRT Demon, has got a lot of us rather curious about this purported new muscle car king. 

And as its official debut at this year’s New York Auto Show looms, the world finally gets to fully evaluate the car with clear eyes to see if it measures up to the near-insane levels of hype the automaker has built around it. 

Before that happens, though, a leaked photo has (inevitably) emerged depicting the Challenger SRT Demon on its stomping ground, the 1/4 mile drag strip, though it won’t be as extreme looking as the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. 

First Look At Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon

No details follow the image, naturally, as it’s void of any official confirmation, but it sure looks like the real thing, with a huge bonnet scoop, flared arches to accommodate the thick and wide drag tyres.

Apart from the pronounced front splitter and the much less pronounced tail lip spoiler, the Demon lacks much of any other aerodynamic addition, obviously to make it as slippery as possible while gaining speed. 

Specifications won’t be confirmed until the car has its proper introductions made at the New York unveil, but its Hellcat-derived 6.2-litre HEMI V8 engine is suspected to be supercharged beyond 560kW, an increase of at least 33kW. Peak torque could stand past 960Nm.

First Look At Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon

Its cooling system is also said to be bespoke, using the air conditioning fan to cool the engine bay before and after a quarter-mile run. Additionally, it could feature a Torque Reserve function to build supercharger pressure by limiting engine RPM as well as a Trans Brake to hold the car steady while that happens.

Others postulate a barren, function-driven interior that features just a single-seat with most of the sound dampening material and other creature comforts taken out. 

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