Dodge Teases Lightweight Challenger Demon

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Dodge Teases Lightweight Challenger Demon

Dodge has been hinting for quite a while now that the natural progression of its Challenger muscle car - following the release of the powerful Hellcat - is a lightweight, perhaps racier version of that same car to rule the drag strip. 

And last week the company released a video teaser revealing the name: Demon. The footage didn’t actually reveal a car - very amusing though it was - nor did it really emphasise the weight reduction regimen that the Challenger would be put on. But this one does.

Dodge Teases Lightweight Challenger Demon

Again, we’re not shown the full exterior yet but we do get a transparent car that showcases its internals, driven onto a weight scale, with bits and pieces gradually being removed entirely or replaced with lighter versions of the same components to bring that reading down. 

If the Demon isn’t planned to exceed the Hellcat’s already unhinged 527kW and 880Nm power and torque figure, its 6.2-litre supercharged V8 HEMI engine is expected to at least be identical to it. Matched to a significant reduction in mass, that engine should be more responsive performer with its reduced encumbrances. 

Dodge Teases Lightweight Challenger Demon

We have to praise Dodge for their teaser footage. They’re well produced, creative, leaves just enough to our imagination, and effectively builds anticipation. Many automakers fail to do this, though they are often higher-profile and better funded. 

Both the Challenger and Charger have not been given a chance in the Australian market as of yet, but hopefully Dodge will see fit to expand their new car portfolio from just the Journey SUV to include the eventual successors of at least one of those brawny Americans. Fingers crossed. 

The Demon will be making its official premiere at the 2017 New York Motor Show in April. 

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