Dodge Teases 2019 Charger Hellcat's New Front End

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Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

With this new image, so begins the slow trickle of teasers and little previews that lead up to the hyped-to-the-max reveal of the 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, a facelifted version of the supercharged V8 four-door that first made its debut in 2011.

Ostensibly, this car as well as the updated Challenger SRT Hellcat will be revealed in an effort to rain on Ford’s parade as their own Hellcat competitor, the Mustang GT500, is due to be revealed at around the same time period. First we had a glimpse of the newly updated Hellcat’s side profile, which revealed a pointier front end and a possible wider track to match the widened bodywork.

Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger HellcatDodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

Dodge also emphasised the fact that the new Challenger Hellcat will feature bonnet scoops that functionally increase intake pressure and aid in engine output. This second teaser image shows that that will be joined by another pair of nostrils that are situated to the side of the headlights, effectively narrowing the grille.

We’re not sure what purpose they will serve exactly, but it because the ram air scoops are already supplying increased intake pressure in the Challenger, perhaps these serve a similar purpose. The automaker, as always, are keeping details scarce, so we’re likely to not learn much more until the car receives its full premiere treatment later this year. The new Challenger Hellcat, though, could be slated for a debut at next year's Detroit Motor Show. 

Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger HellcatDodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

That said, common conjecture surrounding the new Charger SRT Hellcat’s changes involve an upgraded version of the current car’s 6.2-litre supercharged HEMI V8, with outputs expected to increase to around 730hp 545kW. It’s also possible that various mechanical bits from the drag-focused Challenger Demon will also find their way into the Hellcat, but these are likely to not be anything major.

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