Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

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Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

It’s been over 3 years since Dodge first took the wraps off the bonkers Challenger SRT Hellcat, a 707hp (527kW) supercharged muscle car for the street. It then decided to top itself with the SRT Demon, an even more unhinged version with some 840hp (625kW) made to conquer the drag strip.  

As 2019 comes closer into view and Ford having announced a new Mustang GT500, touting it as a supercharged V8-powered beast and their most powerful road going car yet with over 522kW, it’s time for Dodge and their Challenger SRT Hellcat to evolve in response.

Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

The first glimpse of the new model has been released, showing a car drowning in shadow and featuring a deep indigo blue exterior and some very menacing additions to the front end and bonnet. We spy an overall pointier nose, but very little of the actual fascia is visible in this initial teaser. 

Above that, though, there are new dual snorkels that have been integrated into the bonnet lid, an homage to some of Mopar’s most famous muscle cars of years past, particularly of the 1960s and 70s. This ram-air scoop is actually functional, unlike the 2008 third-generation Challenger’s bonnet slits.  

Exactly how much impact the improved induction system will have on the supercharged 6.2-litre HEMI V8, though, remains unknown. Clearly power will have risen from the original Hellcat of 2014, and Dodge’s SRT division has decisively proven by just how much with the Demon. However, that makes positing an educated guess even more difficult.

Dodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger HellcatDodge Drops First Teaser For 2019 Challenger Hellcat

Another interesting note to these teasers is the car’s apparent wider stance as a result of extended front wheel arches. Perhaps Dodge would have also widened the 2019 Hellcat’s track to match, which will doubtless have a positive effect on stability and handling.  

Dodge is now famous for a slow drip of information and sly teasers in the run up to an actual reveal, so expect this initial preview to be followed by many, many more. But what’s fairly certain that when the next Mustang GT500 has its day on the motor show floor, there will be a fresh Challenger Hellcat just waiting to meet it.

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