Volkswagen Still Careless With Mk8 Golf

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Is their camo-wrap guy on leave or something?

Volkswagen Still Careless With Mk8 Golf – Gallery

German marque Volkswagen continues to display a rather callous and careless attitude with their Mk8 Golf prototypes, which have once again been spotted testing in South Africa without even a hint of camouflaging. The prototypes haven’t even been de-badged, with the VW roundel sitting proudly on nose and rump. Perhaps they think it’s so evolutionary that we won’t notice.

But notice we did, and photograph we have, and we’re very pleased to show you that the Mk8 Golf’s design remains true to the principles of ‘present & correct.’ It looks like a Golf throughout, despite the sharper headlights & taillights doing their best to mark it out as a new-generation model. Volkswagen doesn’t want to screw with something they know works, and that’s evident in the new-generation Golf.

Volkswagen Still Careless With Mk8 Golf – Gallery

Another thing it will continue is the platform. MQB-Evo will be employed here, an evolution of the current MQB platform of the Mk7 model. It’ll save some 45kg over the current car and offer greater packaging options to maximise interior space, but it’ll also accommodate for plenty of smart technology in terms of advanced driver assistance systems, as well as the latest (and greenest) powertrains in the Volkswagen stable.

As such when it arrives, expect to see a full gamut of diesels, petrols, and even a mild-hybrid too, with the possibility of a plug-in hybrid later on in the life cycle. There won’t be a zero-emissions e-Golf this time round though, as that’ll be reserved for the VW I.D. Neo.

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