Suzuki, Yamaha Carried Out Improper Emissions Testing – Report

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Suzuki, Yamaha Carried Out Improper Emissions Testing – Gallery

The Japanese government’s ‘audit’ of automakers’ emissions data continues, and the Nikkei Asian Review has reported that three more carmakers have been snagged reporting less-than-accurate numbers on its emissions & fuel consumption numbers. Earlier this year, Nissan & Subaru admitted to issues with the way they were conducting emissions testing, which then prompted the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to look into other automakers.

A random sampling of vehicles were taken during the quality assurance process, and a number of vehicles were found to be in non-compliance. In the latest announcement, Suzuki was discovered to have conducted improper testing on 6,401 of the 12,819 vehicles tested since 2012. Yamaha was found to have conducted 7 improper testes out of 335 tested units since 2016, while Mazda was found to have run improper emissions testing on 72 of its vehicles out of 1,875. 

Suzuki, Yamaha Carried Out Improper Emissions Testing – Gallery

A quick aside on Mazda though: The Hiroshima-based company released a statement shortly after the news broke, stating that the test data for its cars had not be subject to any “improper alteration or falsification,” saying that the 72 reported cars were flagged due to ‘speed trace errors.’ Speed trace errors means that during testing, the vehicle’s speed deviated more than the permitted amount demanded during emissions testing.

As such, all of Mazda’s cars remained in compliance with strict WLTP regulations in Europe (and were the first carmaker to fall into compliance without the fitment of emissions-treating devices), and the more relaxed JC08 regulations enforced in Japan. However, Mazda’s senior managing executive officer Kiyotaka Shobuda said that while there were no deliberate alterations to the data and car quality was not affected, the company will do their best to prevent improper testing in the future.

Suzuki, Yamaha Carried Out Improper Emissions Testing – Gallery

Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki responded to the report saying: “It is a significant fact that such a large number of our products were improperly processed, and we take it seriously. We failed to educated our staff in an in-depth and extensive manner.” Suzuki-san then went on to apologise, and promise that such an oversight would not occur in the future.

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