Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style’s A Concept Only, Sadly

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We bet there’d be takers for such a tiny thing.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style’s A Concept Only, Sadly

Japanese small-car specialists Suzuki have decided that rather than make some high-performance concept of one of their fun-to-drive compact cars, or show off some nearly-in-production car to gauge reaction, they’d go in the completely opposite direction for January’s Tokyo Auto Salon. So what they’ve come up with is not a red-hot Suzuki Swift Sport with extra vim and vigour – oh no, they have a Jimny Sierra, though it’s a little bit more than that.

It’s called the Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style Concept and, like the name suggests, it’s got a pickup body style (get it). Gone is the rear bench and boot of the Jimny we already like and in its place, a small flatbed. On that flatbed sits a rather substantial-looking sports bar (which appears to take up about a third of the space back there) upon which sit four high-powered LED spotlights. Cool.

The Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style Concept has even more than that though. The front end’s been given a retro-styled look with a reworked fascia and bumper, the latter integrating a couple of very prominent tow-hooks and a bash plate. There’s another heavy-duty bash plate in the back and down the sides, while the unique yellow paintwork (it looks gold to us) gets contrasted with wood-effect panels and decals denoting the variant.

As the name suggests, the Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style Concept is very much a concept. There are zero plans to put it into production, as we reckon that Suzuki’s already got its hands full for orders of the standard Jimny 3-door as it is. We haven’t gotten ours yet (but it’s coming soon) but in the UK, dealers have already stopped taking orders as they’ve sold an entire years’ allocation ahead of time.

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