Suzuki, Toyota Join Forces To Take On India

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Efficient powertrains and compact cars are the set goals.

Suzuki, Toyota Join Forces To Take On India – Gallery

Japanese carmaker Suzuki might not be a mainstream player in most markets, relegated to the fringes with impressive, robust compact cars that lose out to other marques with flashier propositions. However, in India, the small-car specialists have a near-stranglehold, with the Indian buyer valuing the smart packaging, practicality, and robustness that comes built into Suzuki’s offerings.

As such, one of the worlds’ most prevalent carmakers, Toyota, wants to tap Suzuki’s knowhow in those areas in an attempt to gain greater marketshare in developing markets. India specifically represents one of the largest markets in the world, and in exchange for Suzuki’s cooperation, they’re likely willing to share some expertise in newer technological innovations. 

Suzuki, Toyota Join Forces To Take On India – Gallery
“Suzuki was the first (among Japanese carmakers) to enter India. And together with the people of India, [Suzuki] has been a presence for pulling India’s automotive society forwards. As members of Indian society, Toyota, along with Suzuki, will do its best to enhance freedom and fun in a future mobility society and to make ‘Made in India’ vehicles cherished in Africa, and many countries around the world.” — Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation
Suzuki, Toyota Join Forces To Take On India – Gallery
“We will receive support [from Toyota] for the development of a compact, ultra-high-efficiency powertrain that is vital to Suzuki. We will focus our utmost efforts on development. It is my hope that the new join projects will contribute to the future success of both companies. Not only in India, but also in the global market.” — Osamu Suzuki, Chairman, Suzuki Motor Corporation
Suzuki, Toyota Join Forces To Take On India – Gallery

The products of this tie-up, which should manifest in the form of several small, highly-efficient family cars, will be marketed under both the Toyota and Suzuki brands. In February last year, the brands announced they were working out a partnership deal that would enable them to work on environmental, safety, and IT technology.

The partnership is also in line with what Toyota’s president has said in the past. The company, he says, will always be open to joint-ventures with strategic partners, to forward the pursuit of future mobility and continued development of the automotive industry.

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