Opel Not Coming Back To Oz Anytime Soon

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They’ll wait for the marque to bear “PSA DNA” first.

2018 Holden Commodore

PSA Groupe may be making merry with their newly-acquired marques Vauxhall and Opel, but that merriment won’t extend to Australia in the near future. PSA regional boss Emmanuel Delay, here for the launch of the Peugeot 5008 and speaking to Motoring, said that they have other priorities to focus on for the time being, but didn’t knock the suggestion of an Opel re-entry entirely.

“This is really very speculative. We are now debating, ‘Do we bring DS back?’ For us, that is as high on the list [of priorities] as ‘Do we bring Opel back to Australia?’ Thinking out loud, we don’t have a full line-up anyway, so that limits us a bit. And we have so much on our plate. Can we swallow so much as a group?” — Emmanuel Delay, Operational Director (India-Pacific), PSA Groupe
2018 Holden Commodore

Another thing to consider is that when Opel/Vauxhall was sold to PSA, the contract included a non-compete clause that would render Opel unable to sell models it already supplies to certain markets with their own-badged versions (eg. They can’t sell the Opel Insignia here, because they already supply Holden with the Commodore).

As such, they may choose to wait until they’ve removed any and all traces of GM from their lineup, which would mean that the possibility of an Opel reintroduction to the Aussie market would only be able to take place after the 6-year contract that Opel has to supply Holden with Commodores lapses.

“There is a constraint [on] the models that we will be able to bring back to Australia by contract, and given all the other things we need to do right, we do not feel urgency to bring Opel back to Australia. But we will have to study in due course. [Also] if we would decide to bring Opel as a brand back to Australia, we would want the lineup to be a ‘PSA DNA’ set of models, rather than a ‘GM DNA’ portfolio.” — Emmanuel Daley, Operational Director (India-Pacific), PSA Groupe
2018 Holden Commodore

Holden replaced the outgoing VFII Commodore with a badge-engineered version of Opel’s Insignia saloon, with that decision made long before GM made the call to offload Vauxhall/Opel to PSA Groupe. The PSA deal has thrown a number of spanners in the works for Holden, who used Opel’s Insignia and Astra for the Commodore and, uh, Astra here, though it’s been clarified that as PSA moves those models onto its own platforms, the current-generation models will be given a relatively-short lifespan.

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