Opel GT X Experimental Concept Shows Brands' Intentions

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“More than a production car.” 

2018 Opel GT X Experimental Concept

Now a fully-fledged subsidiary of the PSA Group, Opel has unveiled the GT X Experimental concept, which the brand insists previews the marque’s future heading and its newfound freedom under its French masters. A spiritual successor the rather pretty GT Concept, the GT X takes the form of a more fashionable compact crossover, though it retains some of the design features we liked from the smaller, sportier, earlier concept car.

The GT X is “more than a production car,” according to design boss Mark Adams. Built off of an electric ‘skateboard’ like most electric cars, the GT X offers the electric performance of a Nissan Leaf. The underpinnings to the GT X are completely bespoke, and likely signals that the greater PSA Group will move towards a modular electric platform for its future electric models.

The GT X is purely front-driven, and houses a 50kWh battery pack. So don’t get ideas about going too far off the beaten track. 

2018 Opel GT X Experimental Concept2018 Opel GT X Experimental Concept2018 Opel GT X Experimental Concept

Aesthetically, the GT X carries some design details we’ve seen before, like the contrast-coloured ‘slashes’ that go from the bonnet to the boot, seen here in yellow. While the dominant colour on this concept car is grey, panels that house powertrain parts are finished in a “very dark blue,” so you see that hue on the bonnet and the lower-half of the car. There’s also a glass roof, because obviously.

You also see things like a wide ‘visor’ at the front of the car, housing smart headlights and advanced driver assistance sensors and cameras. But step inside and your eyes are drawn immediately by the ‘Pure Panel,’ which handles both infotainment and instrumentation duties. The Pure Panel is operable by voice and touch, as well as through touch-sensitive panels on the steering wheel. The seats, Opel says, are moveable with eye gestures, and we’ve given ourselves headaches imagining (and reenacting) how that might work. 

2018 Opel GT X Experimental Concept

Further remarkable details include things like the ‘clap hand’ doors that completely negate the need for a B-pillar. In doing so, the GT X offers improved ingress and egress. Additionally, the front seats are mounted onto the central tunnel rather than the floor, freeing up more leg- and foot-room. Opel doesn’t want you to think of this as a production car, but more as a “rallying cry” that shows where Opel is headed and will influence future models from the brand

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