Is This The Next Volkswagen CC?

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Is This The Next Volkswagen CC?

Just as this year’s Paris Motor Show is reported to be where Volkswagen has chosen to bring out some special showings and an update to their long-supreme hatch, the Golf, there’s also brewings that indicate an all-new CC will debut there too.

From the same Dutch website that brought the previous ‘leaked’ images of the mid-cycle refreshed Golf comes this render of what’s being called the next CC, the company’s sporty four-door saloon.

2017 Volkswagen CC Test Prototype

As with the Golf render, do take this with a healthy few grains of salt. The front end, if nothing else, is a rather intelligent guess at the kind of fascia might have in mind. The wheels are of a new design but one that’s a nod to the older turbine-patterned Interlagos alloys of the previous generation.

The rear of the vehicle render, though, does raise an eyebrow. The way the C-pillar tapers off and joins with the rear edge of the car and the overall shape and size of pillar itself is a dead-ringer for the Audi A5 Sportback. Incidentally, that’s exactly the car that VW hopes to take a swing at with the CC.

Is This The Next Volkswagen CC?Is This The Next Volkswagen CC?

We had previously seen spy footage of a Volkswagen sedan with a similar low-roofline silhouette, dressed in the required camouflage befitting a pre-production prototype. Everyone suspects that it’s indeed the next CC, and that’s where we’d put our money too.

This test car had some distinct exterior giveaways that indicate a departure from the older car’s shape and was adopting those of Volkswagen’s Sport Coupe GTE concept from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, which is a good thing indeed.

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