Climbkhana Is Here, A 1,044kW Sideways Thrill Ride To The Skies

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It’s been a year since we were first presented with the prospect of the next Gymkhana video being set against the backdrop of the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb, Ken Block and team’s latest, craziest video undertaking yet.

The custom-built 1965 all-wheel drive mutant Ford Mustang ‘Hoonicorn’ RTR would be tasked with scaling the fearsome 1,440m ascent over a 20km course that leads car and driver to 4,300m finish line above sea level. But of course, this being a Gymkhana offshoot, will be done in the most sideways way possible, vaporising any and all Proxes R88R tyres their sponsor Toyo could reasonably supply.

It’s not the same car used in Gymkhana 7, though, as this one now produces 1,044kW thanks to those twin Garrett turbochargers that stick so very dramatically above that 6.7-litre V8 engine, sending its methanol exhaust fumes/flames in a storm of noise and fire straight up with the windscreen just behind it.


Of course it’s overkill, but creating enough power and torque to spin all four of those semi-slick tyres gets very tough at that kind of altitude, hence the very real need for such a drastic boost - literally.

“This car is insane,” said Block. “I feel it genuinely wants to kill me! Before we added the twin turbos, it was the most fun car I’ve ever driven. Now it’s still quite fun to drive, but it melts tires ridiculously quick. To have this thing be such a beast and then take it to this very dangerous mountain, well, I thought I’d maybe finally taken on a project that might be too much for me to handle. This is the most powerful AWD-type car in the world to be driven this way, so I’m genuinely glad I didn’t die making this video!”

Block clearly had a whale of a time filming this latest video, but you can tell some parts were clearly more hairy than we’re used to seeing from their more urban adventures of episodes past, and these are just the portions they left in. Just when we think Block and his Mustang Hoonicorn V2 had bitten off more than they can chew, the driving gods keep the car righted.

Of course, without any guardrails, there’s a slow tumble of doom awaiting them both if something were to go wrong.





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