Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Drops Jaws

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Look away young ‘uns, the adults have to talk about porn now.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Drops Jaws – Gallery

The younger members of our audience are advised to look away because today, Aston Martin has launched the all-new DBS Superleggera Volante which, no matter how you cut it, is the automotive equivalent of pornography. This vehicular cure for ED promises all the driving fun of the coupé with the added drama of the canvas top, with none of the drawbacks that the latter usually attracts.

For starters, Aston has put in no less than 8 layers of sound deadening into the canvas, which has in no way impeded its 14-second lowering or 16-second raising. With the top down, you can then fully savour the 5.2-litre dual-turbo V12, which continues to deliver 533kW and 900Nm (yes, that’s nine hundred Newton-metres). Power is sent to the rear wheels via the hardest-working carbon-fibre prop shaft known to man, through an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Drops Jaws – Gallery

Despite being 0.2-seconds slower to 100km/h than the coupé, it’s still the fastest convertible ever made (they claim), completing the century sprint in 3.6-seconds, hitting 161km/h in 6.7-seconds, before maxing out at 340km/h.

Aston Martin has not yet confirmed if the DBS Superleggera Volante will be locally available or for how much, but we’re certain that it’ll arrive at some point. Be sure to stay tuned to CarShowroom for more updates as they come.

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