Alfa Romeo Maybe Plotting Giulia Quadrifoglio GTA, Reports Claim

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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Alfa Romeo, it seems, is wasting no time in developing the next-generation Giulia as evidenced by a report recently that the Italian marque is reportedly planning on stuffing their Quadrifoglio variant with a whole lot more ponies. Alfa is supposedly unhappy with their current M3 rival and are planning a revival.

US site Mopar Insiders reports that the Italian automaker could be reviving its historic GTA nameplate for the new model. GTA stands for Gran Tourismo Allegerita, Allegerita means lightened if don’t already know. That said, the upcoming car is reportedly 20kg lighter than the standard Giulia with a manual shifter. GTA is one of those names all ‘Alfa-holics’ can associate with the highest forms of driving perfection and pleasure, when they could get it going, obviously. 

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

As it stands, the current hot Giulia kicks out 375kW and 600Nm from its Ferrari-developed V6 powertrain but the same report goes on to claim that the new model might have around 462kW. The new GTA model is rumoured to carry forward its existing mill, albeit in a heightened state of tune which brings it even closer to its German competition – the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63.

Rumours of the new souped-up Giulia come just two-months after Alfa Romeo stopped development of their 8C successor and the long awaited GTV coupe. FCA CEO Mike Manley said, “in the near term, the new portfolio for the brand is significantly scaled back with a corresponding reduction in capital spending.” However, that news was before Groupe PSA and FCA agreed to a 50-50 mammoth merger which saw them become the fourth-largest automaker by volume. Who knows what the future holds for Alfa Romeo.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

The Italian marque is keeping mum for the time being and hasn’t reached out to comment on the rumours concerning its updated portfolio or the next-generation Giulia GTA. Reports suggests the GTA will be unwrapped at an event marking Alfa’s 110th birthday on June 24th in Milan.

Any new high-performance version of the Giulia or indeed any Alfa Romeo model can be expected to be manufactured in very limited numbers as the company’s five-year plan, revealed in November, detailed just two new models: the Tonale SUV and a slightly larger B-segment model. Mopar Insider says their sources confirmed the Giulia GTA’s European availability but aren’t sure if it’ll ever reach North America. Regardless, we couldn’t be more excited to receive the new Giulia.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

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