Alfa Romeo ‘Leaks’ A GTV Of Some Kind

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Some say it’s real, but we don’t buy it.

Alfa Romeo ‘Leaks’ A GTV Of Some Kind – Gallery

Some time ago, Alfa Romeo told the world that they’re working on a brand-new GTV, resurrecting a much-loved nameplate and bringing it firmly into the 21st-century. We were told it’d have a 447kW mild-hybrid powertrain, all-wheel drive, and room for four inside, and we were treated to a teaser of a very aggressive front end with a triple-headlight setup we haven’t seen since the 159, Brera, and Spider.

But it seems that at some sort of dealer or internal presentation, Alfa Romeo showed off the profile of the new GTV, giving us a bit more visual detail on the refreshed icon. Slim taillights, phone-dial alloys and a sharp windowpane were clear for all to see, as was the signature Alfa Romeo red. But while this looks promising, we are very skeptical.

Alfa Romeo ‘Leaks’ A GTV Of Some Kind – Gallery

The taillights for example appear to be very concept-car like in appearance, wherein they wouldn’t actually work in the real world. The C-pillar is also amazingly chunky, and the wheels appear to be copied and pasted off of an image of a Giulia QV. Further, the resolution of the image appears to be very low, which has led us to believe that this is a mere visual representation of the product, rather than an actual teaser of the real thing. There was probably an asterisk in the corner saying that the image was for illustration purposes only.

Further, if we go back to the original teaser image that Alfa circulated of the new GTV, there are several discrepancies. The very-flared wheel arches are missing from the original, and the windowline appears to have changed. And most tellingly perhaps, the second teaser shows a character line that was most definitely not there when Alfa Romeo announced the ‘return of a legendary nameplate.’

Alfa Romeo ‘Leaks’ A GTV Of Some Kind – Gallery

All told we’re not going to put too much weight on this, as it’s more than likely that Alfa Romeo had an intern cobble something together to show dealers/internal executives roughly what kind of car they’d have to sell or market. Frankly we’re pretty glad – the car in the slide looks awfully large, and to us would signal a disservice to the GTV name.

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