Ferrari V6 A Definite, With F1 (Or Alfa Romeo) Ties – Report

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And 2.9-litre capacity aimed to capitalise on lower Chinese taxes.

Ferrari’s V6 Is Definite, With F1 (Or Alfa Romeo) Lineage – Gallery

Hallowed Italian marque Ferrari is most definitely working on a 6-cylinder engine, replete with a mild-hybrid system, in order to comply with tightening emissions regulations in key markets it competes in. The V6 powertrain is also being developed in order to eventually power the Purosangue SUV, as the higher volume and wider appeal of that car will necessitate not only a mild-hybrid powertrain, but also a plug-in hybrid setup too.

It’s understood that the V6 engine will bear some influence from Ferrari’s F1 efforts, as they’ve been using mills of that design for many years now. However, the implementation of the hybrid system has changed with the management: Under the late Sergio Marchionne, it was clear that the electrification would give it a proper parallel-hybrid experience like you’d get in a Prius to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Under Louis Camillieri, the arrangement has been tweaked so that the electric propulsion will fill gaps left by the forced induction setup.

Ferrari’s V6 Is Definite, With F1 (Or Alfa Romeo) Lineage – Gallery

What’s not so clear is where the V6 engine will be going. Under the stewardship of Sergio Marchionne, he made it clear that the mill would likely find its way into an entry-level model that’d likely be called the ‘Dino,’ or the 486. But current boss Camillieri has said unequivocally that such a mill would not be put into something called the ‘Dino.’

It would have been glaring to all and sundry that an electrified V6 mill would be a natural fit for the upcoming Purosangue SUV, and frankly, that’s what we assumed too. Considering the volumes that the SUV will be made in and the various market regulations it would have to comply with, the Purosangue seemed like the natural eventual home of a mild-hybrid V6 or indeed a plug-in hybrid V6.

Ferrari’s V6 Is Definite, With F1 (Or Alfa Romeo) Lineage – Gallery

But we keep spotting the V6 mill being tested in sports-car setups, like disguised 458 mules, which is why the ‘Dino’ rumours just won’t die. Adding to that is the fact that the V6 is purportedly 2.9-litres in capacity, which Car Magazine handily points out would help any Ferrari with it sneak in beneath the 3,000cc threshold that triggers higher taxes in China. We can’t help but note that Alfa Romeo has an absolutely-insane 2.9-litre V6 in its Quadrifoglio models, which they’d would rather you didn’t know had some Ferrari involvement during its development phase.

Either way, what we know for certain is that a 6-cylinder Ferrari is coming. We just don’t know in what form. Great job to the boys in Maranello for keeping us on our toes though, because we really can’t figure this one out.

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