2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Online, Again

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Bad resolution, but this could confirm all that we already know.

2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Online, Again – Gallery

Following leaks of both its nose and tail over the last couple of weeks, the eagerly-awaited Toyota halo sports car, the 2020 Supra has been leaked once again on the interwebs. Admittedly this latest leak is the most revealing yet, and appears to be some kind of marketing material for the car, undoubtedly being prepared ahead of the cars’ actual launch.

After having seen photos of the Supra’s front and rear end, these leaked shots appear to be of the real deal. The details are accurate too, like the large headlamps and wide daytime running lights, the vertical air intakes in the corners, the pointed nose with its tri-segment lower-half, and integrated canards.

2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Online, Again – Gallery

Moving rearwards it’s easy to spot the vents sitting atop the front fenders, the ‘double bubble’ roof, the narrow taillights that bleed into a pair of narrow aerodynamic slits, the twin exhaust pipes, and the LED rear foglight mounted proudly in the centre of the rear diffuser.

Conveniently, the latest leak was also carried by the SupraMKV forum which allowed us to very quickly compare them to the earlier leaks of the new car, in addition to the large number of high-resolution photos we’ve got of the Supra testing here in Australia. Some quarters are reserved about the veracity of this leak (as the user who posted them claims to have received them while signing onto the Supra waiting list in Germany), but we feel that this is close enough to the real thing.

2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Online, Again – Gallery2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Online, Again – Gallery

With such a long gestation period, it was inevitable that so many leaks of the A90 Supra would present themselves in that timeframe. But with the doors of the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, or more commonly known as the Detroit auto show) set to open in less than two weeks, this could perhaps be the last of the Supra leaks before its big debut.

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