Toyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMA

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Toyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMA

Just around the corner is SEMA, the world’s premier automotive and specialty product trade show. Stoking the fire of JDM-enthusiasts this time is Toyota’s in-house tuner TRD, teasing fans with an A90 Supra 3000GT Concept that’s reminiscent of its predecessor. 

Many years ago (1994 to be precise), Toyota unveiled an A80 Supra TRD 3000GT concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon which featured a road-going version with notably flared wheel arches that made the car some 50mm wider, custom alloy wheels, aggressive vented bumpers with a front race-style diffuser, extended side sills and a huge adjustable rear wing.  

The TRD 3000GT concept was produced as a ‘one-off’ by the works tuner for the Gran Turismo video game but was never sold as complete car, although all the parts were individually available in the TRD catalogue. While the concept car was announced with a completely stock 2JZ engine, various performance packages were made available as time went on.

Jumping back to the present, Toyota hopes to rekindle the spirit that was first seen in ’94 with this SEMA teaser, however very little is known about it apart from the handful of vague images and silhouettes seen in the 5-minute video. What we do know is that the massive wing, aero-kit and vented bonnet will be back.

Toyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMAToyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMAToyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMA

Apart from the cosmetic upgrades, (new) Supra owners and indeed fans would also be looking forward to performance upgrades for the stock BMW-derived 3.0-litre B58 straight-six mill. In stock form the engine produces 250kW, however professional engine builders such as California-based Papadakis Racing has shown these engines to be able to produce excesses of 745kW without extensive modification done to the block and crankshaft.

Only time will tell what lies in store for the A90 Supra and we can’t wait to see what the blokes over TRD have cooked up for fans of the legendary nameplate. SEMA 2019 begins on the 5th of November. Stay tuned for more updates.  

Toyota Teases Supra 3000GT Concept For SEMA


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