Toyota Supra’s Rear Stays True To FT-1 Concept

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Toyota Supra’s Rear Stays True To FT-1 Concept

Just a few days ago, a leaked image surfaced showing an unblemished, unobscured front end of the all-new Toyota Supra, giving us a look at its production-ready fascia ahead of its formal debut in Detroit come January.

Well this week, as if operating on clockwork or the cycles of the moon, another leak emerges to accompany it, only this time it concerns of the car’s rear end. The yellow example had some kind of white tarp covering it at first, which was lifted for the reveal on SupraMKV forums.

Toyota Supra’s Rear Stays True To FT-1 Concept

At this point, you’d think there’d be little reason to even continue teasing the Supra given how much we’ve already seen - from a thinly veiled prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to the numerous race-inspired concepts for Gazoo Racing’s motorsport effort.

Much like the leak from the week before, the production-spec Supra keeps true to the FT-1 Concept car from 2014, sharing nearly identical tail light designs and an integrated lift spoiler. Nearer the bottom are dual exhausts and a healthily sized diffuser element.

Toyota Supra’s Rear Stays True To FT-1 Concept

Overall, perhaps save for the colour, there’s little to poke into with regard to its design, managing to look aggressive but uncluttered and evocative of the previous generation A80 Supra that found the nameplate the most fame.

Toyota have not revealed any new details and is likely to want to have as many in reserve as possible before the covers are pulled in a few short weeks, but what we do already know is that it will debut with a 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-6 petrol sourced from BMW mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. A 6-speed manual, likely fashioned by Aisin, will be introduced post-launch.

Toyota Supra’s Rear Stays True To FT-1 Concept

Power and torque figures are expected to hover around 220kW and 500Nm, equalling the new BMW Z4 with which it was jointly developed. Weight should be kept to a reasonable minimum and yield a 0-100km/h sprint time of around 5 seconds.

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