’19 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Spotted… At A McDonald’s

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Yes, we did a triple-take. And then another.

’19 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Spotted… At A McDonald’s – Gallery

We often give Volkswagen a bit of schtick for being the most German-Germans out there, taking an evolutionary approach to design, engineering & technology, with a near-obsessive attention to detail. They don’t screw around, and they don’t screw up.

But now we’re both looking at photos of an uncovered 2019 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 at a McDonald’s drive-through, so maybe it’s just that when they do screw up, they do it big.

We have so many questions. How callous do you have to be to take out an undisguised prototype? Were there no other cars in the fleet? And how hungry were those test pilots?

’19 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Spotted… At A McDonald’s – Gallery

These photos were posted on Instagram by user johannes.vag who just so happens to be a major fan of the Volkswagen Group (as you can tell by his username). That said, we doubt that even he imagined he’d spot something as hot and secretive as the next-generation Golf at his local maccas.

What’s clear is that the design is indeed evolutionary, and in keeping with the teasers we’ve seen in the past as well as spy shots of the car. What we also know is that Volkswagen has been quite carless with the Golf as this is not the first time it’s been spotted totally uncovered.

’19 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Spotted… At A McDonald’s – Gallery

It’s expected that the new Golf will feature 48-volt mild-hybrid & plug-in hybrid powertrain systems, the latter to feature in the GTE variant. The Golf GTi is expected to use an electric turbocharger for the first time, with a massive power boost as a result. As for the diesels (which we won’t get), Volkswagen will be rolling out an innovative 12-volt MHEV system which should make its diesel powertrains feel far more punchy.

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