Tesla’s New 2.4s Ludicrous+ Mode For P100D

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Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous+ Mode

Tesla’s newest Autopilot-centric update that rolled out a few days ago to roughly 1000 units of the Model S, known technically as Hardware 2 (HW2) also included an interesting Easter Egg in the form of an improved ‘stupid-quick’ mode called Ludicrous+. 

Tesla is the first vehicle manufacturer to really introduce the idea of meaningful improvements coming to their cars in the form of over-the-air software updates, received via Wi-Fi without any need for the owner to do any extra work (other than find a hotspot and connect).

It had been hinted at by the EV maker’s CEO, Elon Musk, that further performance updates will be coming to the Model S P100D, already they’re already bragging as being the world’s quickest car in production right now. Should the first batch of 1000 updates go smoothly, only then will Tesla roll them out wide to the rest of them.

This newer Ludicrous+ mode, once obtained from that update, needs to be enabled by the driver through a hidden menu item, long-pressing on the Ludicrous button under the Acceleration setting for about 5 seconds. A sort of ‘hyperspace’ animation plays and a selection pops up to confirm that you really do want to enable the faster mode and that it can cause increased wear on the battery, motor, and gearbox. 

If that’s a yes, tap ‘bring it on!’ or Tesla cheekily adds a button next to it that reads ‘No, I want my Mommy.’

A helpful video from DragTimes covered this newly found mode and tested its effects on their own Model S P100D. And fortunately they had some telemetry hardware on hand to measure the improved acceleration. On a somewhat dry empty stretch of asphalt in a rainy part of Florida, the car managed reached 60mph (96.6km/h) in 2.465 seconds. 

Onboard data also showed the new Ludicrous+ mode added 35hp (or 26kW). All from a software update. We hope more testing can be done to measure how exactly how much more performance this new mode extracts. 

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