Fancy An Ares Design Model S Cabriolet

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Won’t come cheap, though.

Fancy An Ares Design Model S Cabriolet? – Gallery

Ares Design, the coachbuilding operation born from the mind of former Lotus boss Dany Bahar, has today begun teasing a new model that’ll follow in the footsteps of its various well-received uniquely-tweaked projects. The new car hasn’t actually been named yet, but they’re calling it “an exciting Roadster version of the Tesla Model S.”


While this isn’t the first time a topless Model S has been attempted, it is the first such project to convert the car from a 4-door into a 2-door. Previous drop-top Model S projects have turned more into landaulet-style things as opposed to true roadsters. We’re not sure when exactly Ares will start rolling out these topless Model S cars, but we imagine that they intend to make hay before the actual Tesla Roadster drops in 2020.

Fancy An Ares Design Model S Cabriolet? – Gallery

Just a sketch has been released by the Modena-based firm thus far, but considering how Ares works, the finished product should be… well, finished, and just waiting on a proper debut. We’re quite fixated on that rear decklid, which looks like a complex piece of engineering that’ll be interesting to observe in action. Regardless, we will bring you updates as they come, so stay locked onto CarShowroom for your automotive news fix.

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