Tesla Announces V3 Superchargers – “1000 Miles An Hour”

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Tesla Announces V3 Superchargers – Gallery

American EV carmaker Tesla have announced their latest version of their Supercharger network, billed V3. With the third iteration of the Supercharger system, Tesla will be able to push charging speeds up from the current 120kW up to 250kW, which will significantly reduce waiting and recharge times.

Supercharger V3 will be backed by a 1MW power cabinet, and feature a design derived from the industrial products that Tesla also produces. At peak efficiency, Tesla claims a charge rate of “1000 miles an hour,” or over 1,600km per hour-long charge.

Tesla Announces V3 Superchargers – Gallery

Tesla is very used to making superlative claims, but in terms of charging, Supercharger V3 will have to concede defeat to Porsche’s Turbo Charging network which is being readied ahead of the arrival of the Porsche Taycan EV. Those will offer 320kW charging speeds.

And in Europe, Tesla will also have to concede to the Ionity network of public chargers, which offers as much as 350kW to cars that support it.

But going back to Tesla, with Supercharger V3 the company says it’ll be able to drop waiting time at charging stations by 50%, while a software update that will pre-condition the batteries to receive V3 charging (when the sat-nav has been routed to a V3 location) which is said to improve the charging time by 25% on its own.

Tesla Announces V3 Superchargers – Gallery

The first V3 ‘beta’ location has been opened in the California Bay Area, but Tesla has clarified that V3 charging technology will be rolled out through the Asia-Pacific region in the fourth-quarter of 2019. Whether that includes Australia, we’re not sure.

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