Subaru Echoes Toyota, “Next-Generation BRZ” Coming – Report

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The power of misinformation.

2019 Subaru BRZ

Earlier this week, we ran an article citing a Japanese publication that reported the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, both very warmly-received and critically-acclaimed sports cars, are set for the chopping block in the near futureJapanese Nostalgic Car cited the offering of entry-level, 4-cylinder versions of the Toyota Supra (which are turbocharged, by the way) made the decision that little bit easier, as well as (alleged) differences of opinion between Toyota & Subaru on where the small sports car will go in the future.

Of course we were saddened to hear this, because both the 86 and BRZ are sensational cars to drive. Sure the interior plastics could be better, and the rear seats are damned-near useless. But as an instrument to bring joy to drivers without costing an arm and a leg to buy or keep, the 86 and BRZ are hard to beat.

2019 Subaru BRZ

Yesterday, Toyota North America clarified their position, saying that the 86 “will continue to be a part of the Toyota sports car line-up,” and reiterated Toyota’s commitment “to building exciting vehicles.” Today, Subaru North America spoke to Carscoops and made this very clear:

“We do not endorse this report coming from Japan’s Best Car. We are moving ahead with a next-generation Subaru BRZ, but have no further details at this time.” – Ron Kiino, Product Communicatons Manager, Subaru of America
2019 Subaru BRZ

With that, it’s obvious to us that Subaru will continue to work with Toyota to develop a second-generation of sports cars, as the relatively small production scale would make going it alone unfeasible. It’s likely that for the new-generation the two companies will use the same critically-acclaimed platform, but engine-wise, maybe they’ll balance out the weight distribution in order to accommodate a (heavier) turbocharged donk that would make fans like us very, very happy indeed.

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