Subaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ Specs

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Subaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ Specs

The Subaru BRZ will be getting some updates as part of a mid cycle revision for the 2017 model year, and now the compact rear-drive coupe has been given a confirmed specification list before it arrives on our shores come November.

On the cosmetic front, there’s not much to be shocked by as the BRZ (and indeed the Toyota 86) has not undergone any dramatic changes for this ‘facelift’, but Subaru has instead focused on giving buyers a more rounded vehicle.

Subaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ Specs

However, there is a revised bumper design as well as a new set of C-shaped LED head and tail lamps along with new 10-spoke 17-inch wheels, but that’s about as much as you’d be given to tell apart an example before and after the 2017 update. To the driver and passenger, however, there’s more to enjoy.

It’s 2.0-litre flat-four engine now produces slightly more power and torque, a rise of 5kW and 7Nm to 152kW/212Nm but only units fitted with a manual transmission will be able to make use of it.

Subaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ SpecsSubaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ SpecsSubaru Australia Reveals 2017 BRZ Specs

It’s the car’s interior, though that arguably has the most new bits to notice. There’s a new, smaller leather steering wheel that provides better grip tactile grip and a more upmarket feel while red contrasting stitchwork has been applied to the most of the trim pieces in the BRZ’s cabin, including the instrument panel seams and door trim (which is now finished in leather).

New to the BRZ is Subaru’s newest infotainment interface, displayed through a 6.2-inch touch screen panel with Bluetooth and voice recognition functionality, expressed through an updated audio system with six speakers. The HVAC system has also levelled up to now offer fully automatic climate control.

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