Skoda Vision RS Cockpit Teased Ahead Of Paris

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Motorshow’s still a month away, guys. 

Skoda Vision RS Cockpit Teased Ahead Of Paris – Gallery

Czech carmaker Skoda’s making quite a lot of noise about its upcoming concept car, the Vision RS, which is slated to receive its in-the-metal debut at the upcoming Paris motor show. While the Vision RS is a pure concept car, it does allude to an upcoming compact Skoda in addition to the direction that the brand wants to take with its hotted-up RS cars in the future.

The upcoming model’s exterior has been shown before, and in combination with the new interior teasers, have drawn us to conclude that Skoda must be teasing an upcoming Rapid hatchback, as well as a future Rapid RS. The glass tailgate is a dead giveaway, though short of that, there’s very little to draw upon, which is great considering that this should show off an all-new car. 

Skoda Vision RS Cockpit Teased Ahead Of Paris – Gallery

But focusing on the cabin, we can see that the red-on-black sporty-and-rorty exterior aesthetic has bled into the interior, where surfaces are either black, red, or a rather fetching hue of ‘I-think-that’s-silver.’ A bit of squinting reveals what appears to be red door-pulls in place of conventional door handles (a bit too much for a hot Skoda we think), but we like the red highlight used on the quilted seat bases, the dash trim, and on the floors.

We also can’t help but notice the overall look of the dash, which is new to the brand. There’s a large freestanding infotainment screen sitting pretty atop of a totally-resigned dash, which incorporates a variety of materials including what looks like brushed metal, suede, and maybe even carbon fibre? We can’t really tell, and we can assure you we’ve got our eyeballs pressed against the screen.

What’s also interesting to note is on the steering wheel: While the fully-digital display that seems to sit ahead of it would be an obvious focal point, the steering wheel centre is of particularly interest to us: Missing is the usual Skoda badge, replaced with the Skoda typeface instead. We haven’t seen this yet on a new Skoda, so could this signal a rebranding for the Czech marque?

Skoda Vision RS Cockpit Teased Ahead Of Paris – Gallery

Skoda’s had a history of turning its concept cars into production models, with its previous Vision cars eventually finding their way onto the lineup. The Vision D previewed the Rapid back In 2014, while the Vision C that same year eventually turned into the Skoda Superb. Further down the line there was the Vision S which, for all intents and purposes, was a Kodiaq in concept-car clothes. So while we now that things like the 4-seat layout, nylon door pulls and other exuberant touches that are on display here will not make it into production, there’s a good chance that a significant amount of what we’re seeing now will.

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