Range Rover Begins Teasing All-New Evoque

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Small-but-important model debuting 22nd November.

Range Rover Begins Teasing All-New Evoque – Gallery

We can’t emphasise enough just how much success Land Rover has enjoyed off of the little Range Rover Evoque, a car that successfully brought the Range Rover nameplate back into the mainstream and introduced it to a slew of younger, trendier buyers that would have otherwise been turned off by the size (and price) of the namesake SUV. The Evoque has become a byword for posh up-and-comers and is a regular sight in upmarket urban areas, thanks to its winning blend of sharp styling inside & out, and a commendable driving experience. 

But it’s been around since 2010, and in the wake of newer, more advanced competitors, it’s time for the Evoque to reload, and take on the premium-compact SUV segment with the vim & vigour that only an all-new car can provide.

Range Rover Begins Teasing All-New Evoque – Gallery

Ahead of its official global debut on the 22nd, Land Rover has begun erecting wire-frame art installations around London, showcasing the form & size of the new Evoque. This isn’t new – back in 2010 they did exactly the same thing, putting wire-frame models in upmarket locales to get people more acclimatised to the idea of a ‘small’ Range Rover. The wire frames naturally reveal little, but it’s heartening to see that the fastback roofline and rising waistline continue to feature in the new-generation model.

“The wire forms have been created to preview the new Evoque, which is the embodiment of Range Rover’s modernist design approach. Where better to put these bespoke installations on display than in the heart of London, one of the greatest cities in the world.” — Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover

It’s also clear that the new car will carry design influences from the Range Rover Velar, which is perhaps bittersweet for the Evoque; It was the Evoque that previously led the design revolution within the Range Rover family, with every subsequent model carrying more and more influence from the baby in the range. Seems that torch has been passed on already.

With 750,000 Evoques sold since the car debuted just 8-years ago, it’s very clear that this is a critical model for Land Rover. With a new generation, the Evoque is expected to sit on a new platform and with it, offer new engines & powertrain options. In addition to the usual range of Ingenium petrol & diesel mills, expect to see a plug-in hybrid option in due course, though there’s quite a bit of chatter about an all-electric model (but very little evidence to support it).

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