Range Rover 3-Door Axed Ahead Of New Model

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The convertible lives on, rather annoyingly. 

2015 Range Rover Evoque Coupe

It’s no secret that the baby Range Rover, the stylish and popular Evoque, is set to receive a brand-new model next year. The Evoque is credited with bringing a huge increase in sales for the brand, and led the way for the brands’ design revolution. And ahead of the new model, Land Rover has had to make some sacrifices, namely in the form of the 3-door bodystyle.

The 3-door has been missing from the Aussie lineup since 2016, so it’s no big deal for us. However, the 3-door has had not-insignificant sales across the globe, and has generally been favoured by the younger set who might not want to be mistaken for their parents. However, it’s undeniable that sales of 3-door anythings have been dropping steadily over the last few years, so it’s only natural that the less practical body style will be removed from offering. 

2015 Range Rover Evoque Coupe

This has also stoked the rumour mill that there won’t be a new-generation of 3-door Evoque either, though that remains unconfirmed by Jaguar-Land Rover themselves. Unfortunately, the 3-door will die alone, as the head-scratching convertible remains a fixture for the 2019 model year. A comment was made to UK publication Autocar, that read:

“From the 2019 model year, Land Rover has rationalised its Range Rover Evoque body style offering to concentrate on the 5-door and convertible, which account for the majority of sales.” — Spokesperson, Jaguar-Land Rover
2015 Range Rover Evoque Coupe

The second-generation Evoque, while an all-new model, will be built off an evolution of the D8 platform that the current car utilises. As such, it will remain closely related to the Jaguar E-Pace, and will likely also make use of the current range of forced-induction four-cylinder Ingenium engines. Further down the line, a plug-in hybrid variant is expected, with the introduction of that expected to be sometime after the Jaguar E-Pace PHEV makes its debut.

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