Porsche Taycan Covers 3,425km In 24H Endurance Test

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Porsche Taycan Covers 3,425km In 24 Hour Endurance Test

Porsche has announced that the Taycan has completed an endurance run as part of its testing programme, covering an impressive 3425km in a 24 hour period as it continuously lapped the high-speed loop at the Nardo track in Italy.

The car managed to enforce its long-distance abilities while maintaining a cruise speed between 195km/h and 215km/h as track temperatures reached 54 degrees Celsius during the day. Only short pause for driver changes and charge top ups were the interrupts, done with Porsche’s own fast charge station.

Porsche Taycan Covers 3,425km In 24 Hour Endurance Test

As we’ve already covered, Porsche has committed to reveal the production-ready version of their first full EV, the Taycan, on September 4th. And naturally the most pressing question in the minds of the brand’s fans and followers is whether the new model will compare favourably to other cars in their stable as well as other battery-electric cars.

More than others, Porsche cars are also seen as having true drivability potential despite sometimes boasting supercar levels of performance such as in the 911 Turbo or GT3. Therefore, assuring that the Taycan can handle the rigours daily punishment as well as sustained high performance.

Porsche Taycan Covers 3,425km In 24 Hour Endurance Test

Having a large bank of lithium ion batteries might endow it with enough range to rival a conventional combustion-powered alternative until its tank runs dry, but needs only a few minutes at the pumps to ready it for another non-stop run. Not so for electric cars.

And that’s exactly why Porsche has engineered an 800 volt electrical architecture into the new Taycan, capable of supporting fast charges far quicker than even Tesla’s Superchargers. However, until advanced EV charging infrastructure is wide available enough, few Taycan owners can enjoy long distance travel as well as only short breaks when the battery runs low.

Porsche Taycan Covers 3,425km In 24 Hour Endurance Test

Until this happens, owners will likely need to plan their trips around the Taycan’s range limits as they would with other EVs.

Covering such a distance in 24 hours means that there was 338 minutes unaccounted for while the Taycan charged and drivers were swapped, equating to approximately 1,250km of lost travel distance. And this was performed with a charging station designed to recharge the car’s battery at its maximum rate, a luxury that most owners will not be afforded. Yet.

Overall, while over 1,200km lost due to the Taycan being stationary for charging does seem like a significant waste, we posit that a combustion powered car would likely need to stop for petrol at a higher frequency while travelling at the same approximate 200km/h.

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