Porsche Sets September 4th As Taycan’s Official Debut

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2019 Porsche Taycan - Prototype

After plenty of teasers and a lengthy publicity tour, Porsche has given us something concrete about the Taycan’s actual launch. With almost 30,000 advanced bookings around the world, the Zuffenhausen automaker’s first-ever fully electric car will be making its debut on September 4th.

The premiere itself, which precedes the Frankfurt Motor Show by about a week, will of course be live-streamed, but be done simultaneously in Canada, China, and Germany to cover (mostly) all potential audiences. After which, the car is expected to make its public first in-the-flesh appearance at the IAA alongside other Porsche models.

2019 Porsche Taycan - Prototype

Unfortunately, it seems Porsche is rather intent on keeping the rest of the details surrounding the Taycan’s specifications for the big reveal itself, so pretty much what we already know about the car will have to sate our curiously for a few more weeks.

The car will be slightly more compact than a Panamera but, despite its weight, will be tuned to deliver the thrills comparable to the 911. In fact, Porsche seems confident that sales of the Taycan will overtake those of the marque’s most iconic sports car before long.

2019 Porsche Taycan - Prototype

The four-door body does mean space for second row passengers but the headroom will be slightly compromised due to that low coupe-like roofline. Nonetheless, a completely floor-mounted battery means that a 5th occupant is possible.

Speaking of which, the lithium-ion array would likely be offered up to 90kWh in capacity, supplying power to its the electric motors located on each axle. This dual drive setup endows the Taycan with all-wheel drive and Porsche has no doubt added some clever torque vectoring tech to make the most of its predicted 440kW output.

2019 Porsche Taycan - Prototype

Its integrated 800-volt electric architecture also plays an important role in the overall appeal of the Taycan as the automaker is banking on this enabling truly high-speed charging capabilities - recovering 80 percent of its battery capacity in around 15 minutes while plugged.

There has also been much speculation about a lower-end variant of the Taycan being made available with a smaller battery and reduced power, but should the higher grade example be chosen, Porsche expects an average range somewhere beyond 450km.

2019 Porsche Taycan - Prototype

Naturally, the Taycan’s prime competition will come from the Tesla and their Model S, but it’s hard to predict how the German new boy will compare blow-for-blow to California’s favourite EV. Porsche isn’t fazed in the least, initially planning to produce 20,000 units in the car’s first year of production but revising that and announcing 40,000 cars to be made.

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