Next BMW X5 To Have Off-Road Focus, Rear-Wheel Steering

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BMW X5 - Pre-Production Testing

One of the most significant cars to emerge from BMW this year will undoubtedly be the company’s new provisional SUV flagship, the X5 - that is, at least until the even larger X7 emerges. A replacement for the F15-generation, the X5 is model that’s been at the head of the Munich automaker’s X-series since 2014.

As that latter 2018 premiere looms closer, BMW clearly would like to have a large swirl of hype surrounding it. And that begins in earnest here with the release of these pictures and video, showing a pre-production prototype (one that looks almost ready, at that) being put through its developmental testing.

BMW X5 - Pre-Production TestingBMW X5 - Pre-Production TestingBMW X5 - Pre-Production Testing

Though covered by the requisite layer(s) of camouflage, the X5 seen here does expose the all-new SUV’s overall look. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look all that different from the smaller X3, which shares the same CLAR architecture.

In addition to being a better road goer than the outgoing F15, this all-new model is also purported to be much more competent off road as well. BMW says it will boast new suspension and chassis systems previously unseen in their SUV range, combining sharp handling with comfort and prowess over challenging surfaces.

BMW X5 - Pre-Production Testing

Buyers of the new X5 can, ostensibly, choose to have an ‘Offroad Package’ fitted, which adds a number of enhancements to endow the vehicle with the “highest-level” of ride comfort while on road but also have specific drive modes for Sand, Rocks, Snow, and Gravel.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, those without the rough terrain package equipped can opt to have the all-new X5 with its standard chassis but also gain sportier dynamics thanks to the inclusion of Adaptive M Suspension Professional and, for the first time, Integral Active Steering, the latter allows the rear-wheels to articulate in parallel or in opposing angels to the front wheels to improve high speed stability and/or handling.

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