BMW Recreates Monza In The Sahara For The X5

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Talk about a versatility showcase.

BMW Recreates Monza In The Sahara For The X5 – Gallery

The world may have moved on since BMW introduced the new X5, but it seems that the German luxury marque has not yet told their in-house hype-maestros to let up. In a rather ambitious feat, the company decided it’d be fun to recreate the iconic Monza F1 circuit in the Sahara desert, because what better way to show the sheer versatility of your new SUV?

It took more than 50-people two weeks to complete the task, using diggers and earth movers and plenty of trucks to get it done. We hear there were helicopters involved too, which was do doubt plenty of fun for people on the ground. But as a result of all that hardship, Monza was recreated in a 1:1 scale, featuring every sweeping bend, every straight, and every turn just perfectly. 

The purpose of it all? Probably tax deductions, but BMW is officially saying that it’s to demonstrate the versatility of the all-new X5 when equipped with the xOffroad Package, though it’s also possible that they went through the trouble of moving 3,500 cubic meters of sand just to have a little fun. Watch the video and you too will understand why this seems totally justifiable.

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