Meet The Apocalypse-Ready 373kW V8 Rezvani Tank

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2018 Rezvani Tank

Should a random poll be done upon most communities, the amount of people who have heard about boutique Californian automaker Rezvani won’t even top a 20th of respondents, let alone those who can actually name one of their cars. No matter, as this new Tank is sure to get them plenty of extra attention.

It’s name, depending on your perception of what a Tank should be, is mostly appropriate. Its chunky body looks built to withstand an apocalypse or two, is tricked out in the proper tactical matte exterior finish, and can even be specified to include Kevlar armour panels, bulletproof glass, and knobbly off-road run flat tyres that are military grade, somehow. And hopefully those indispensable suicide doors are standard fit.

2018 Rezvani Tank

This looks like the perfect extreme off-roader that Batman would deploy if he needed to exfiltrate out of forested hot zone, which kind of explains why they’ve even photographed it inside one of The Dark Knight’s movie locations (the alt/urban Batcave). Honestly, we’d be surprised if this thing doesn’t wind up in the next Transformers or Fast & Furious movie.

What Rezvani have done is taken a Jeep Wrangler and left nearly none of it remaining besides the chassis and some structural components, opting to go fully custom with the rest of the Tank’s construction. It’s a similar schtick to their Beast, a custom-bodied supercar they’ve built out of an Ariel Atom.

2018 Rezvani Tank

Under the hood of the Tank isn’t as custom, however, but no less impressive: a 373kW naturally aspirated HEMI V8 lifted from the Dodge Challenger. That provides ample shove through its all-wheel drive system to handle any terrestrial obstacle - natural, man-made, or man itself - with its six-inch suspension lift, Fox shock absorbers, and Dynatrac ProRock locking axles. Speaking of that jacked-up suspension, it even features retractable running boards and powered doors.

Once inside, the cabin does still feel familiarly Wrangler-like despite Rezvani’s earnest efforts to mask that. But while the exterior is pure special forces no-nonsense, but interior is dressed in plenty of plush materials. Suede is used in the headliner and the seats themselves, while looking aggressive, is fully leather. Upon being situated, the driver is greeted by a head-up display to further feed a budding Bond villain persona, and Rezvani will even equip FLIR night vision if you ask them nicely with cash.

2018 Rezvani Tank2018 Rezvani Tank2018 Rezvani Tank

All this, of course, makes for quite the expensive fantasy custom commando-mobile, fetching a starting price of US$178,500 or around 230k Australian Dollars. We’re not sure if they’ve planned their extensive conversion to include right-hand drive, but Rezvani are now taking deposits for the Tank, promising first deliveries by early 2018.

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