Jeep Teases Custom Jeepster For Moab

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Here come the crawlers.

2018 Jeep 'Jeepster' Concept

Moab, in Utah, plays host to the Easter Jeep Safari every year, where a large number of (usually) highly-modified Jeeps arrive on the scene to crawl across rocks and sand and hills and things, out in the desert. At least you’re not on a horse with no name.

Anyway. Jeep will be attending the event in full force, and will be bringing a couple of tricked-out new-generation Wranglers with them, undoubtedly given a rework by in-house accessory arm MOPAR, and then renamed the ‘Jeepster.’ We’ve seen everything from seriously-redone Wranglers to Renegade pickups to a pristine restored Cherokee (albeit with enormous tyres). 

2018 Jeep 'Jeepster' Concept

For this year, a sole teaser image suggests that we’ll be seeing a new-generation Wrangler with a cool red-and-white paint scheme, along with an old-school hardtop. Interestingly, the spare wheel has been moved into the rear of the Wrangler, with the space usually inhabited by the spare being used for… something. We can’t figure it out. Looks like a jerry can.

Anyway. With the Safari kicking off on the 24th, we’ll bring you more updates as they come, so be sure to stay tuned.

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