McLaren Reveals Lightweight ‘Track Pack’ For 570S

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McLaren 570S Track Pack

McLaren has release some details about its new Track Pack that’ll be available for its 570S supercar. Obviously, the upgrades include improvements of the variety that would make a difference to owners that like to spend time with the car on a circuit. 

In fact, McLaren say the Track Pack is inspired by their racing history, specifically their efforts in the FIA GT3 and GT4 categories as well as the limited-run 675LT in terms of light weight material and higher aerodynamic downforce, thanks in no small part to the extended rear wing it brings. 

More specifically, it adds an additional 12mm in height to the existing wing, amounting to 29kg more pressing power at 240km/h and enables a marked improvement in high speed cornering and won’t be available in any other McLaren in the Sports Series range. 

McLaren 570S Track Pack

In additions, the car’s roof will be finished in a special Dark Palladium finish, with an equally stealthy treatment given to the car’s exhausts too. And while there won’t be any alterations to the engine, a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 with 419kW and 600Nm, it will have less to lug around as the primary benefit of the Track Pack is the 25kg weight reduction. 

This comes through a combination of lighter components such as the interior trim material being nearly entirely replaced with Alcantara, a pair of lightweight carbon fibre racing seats, and the super-lightweight alloy wheels. 

The car’s internal systems now also includes Telemetry that can provide real-time lap and sector information as well as driver performance comparisons with post-drive analysis and data-logging with graphical plots of vehicle speed and lap-time deltas. 

McLaren 570S Track Pack

McLaren will be selling the Track Pack to new customers of the 570S as well as existing owners via a retrofit to the tune of £16,500 or around $28,000 AUD with deliveries due to begin in early 2017. 

Steep, but probably not all that much for the kinds of people who can afford a McLaren in the first place let alone be brave enough to take it to a track, and frequently. 

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