McLaren Blesses 720S With GT3-Inspired Track Pack

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But is it really worth it?

2018 McLaren 720S Performance – Track Pack

British supercar specialists McLaren have announced the availability of a new performance-enhancing, drive-focusing option for its 720S supercar, dubbed the ‘Track Pack.’ Available on the 720S Performance models, the Track Pack is a byproduct of McLaren’s efforts in developing the 720S GT3 race car, and allows the road-going version to enjoy a little bit of that race-car feel.

As previously mentioned, the Track Pack is an option available to the 720S Performance, which means that you already get goodies like carbon-fibre bonnet air intakes, rear air intakes, and wing-mirror caps, as well as ambient lighting in the engine bay (we’re unclear as to how that improves performance). But with the Track Pack, the exterior gets improved with 10-spoke lightweight alloy wheels, an MSO Defined gloss carbon-fibre rear wing, and a sports exhaust.

2018 McLaren 720S Performance – Track Pack2018 McLaren 720S Performance – Track Pack

Step inside and the Track Pack upgrades continue, headlined by carbon-fibre racing seats (available in two sizes), an MSO Defined carbon-fibre gearshift paddle set (in a satin finish), and an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel. You also get a titanium bar behind the seats to mount six-point harnesses to hold you in place.

Altogether, the McLaren Track Pack allows the 720S Performance to shed 24kg from the overall weight of the 720S Performance. Further, there are no upgrades to the engine, meaning that the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 mill still puts out 530kW and 770Nm, and 200km/h still takes 7.8-seconds to reach.

2018 McLaren 720S Performance – Track Pack

Further, the Track Pack will set you back a not-inconsiderable £28,360 for the pleasure and frankly, we can’t see the point in it. Yes you save about three grocery bags of weight, and yes your 720S Performance will look slightly different from your neighbours’ 720S Performance. But one of the McLaren 720S’ strongest suits is its versatility, its ability to unleash that biturbo V8 on nearly any sealed surface, and never sacrificing your spine or your sanity while doing so. That in mind, doesn’t this sort of sully it all, just a little bit?

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