Mazda Adds Value, Tech To 2018 CX-5 Range

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More kit, and lower prices? We’re dreaming.

Mazda Adds Value, Tech To CX-5 Range
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Japanese carmaker Mazda, synonymous with its ‘Zoom-Zoom’ tagline from the 90s, has just dropped interesting kit and a new oiler into its popular mid-sized SUV, the CX-5. Now in its second generation, you’d think that the comfortable, consistent sales that the CX-5 enjoys would be reason for the Hiroshima marque to kick back and watch the numbers roll in.

But that isn’t the Mazda way, it seems.

“The CX-5 introduces some major developments with cylinder deactivation and the variable-geometry turbocharger, but it’s the smaller technologies that advance Mazda to the ultimate goal of fuel efficiency in combustion engines. Mazda truly loves the motorcar, and will continue to refine, innovate, and pursue technologies that enhance driving pleasure, while also delivering outstanding environmental and safety performance.” — Vinesh Bhindi, Managing Director, Mazda Australia
Mazda Adds Value, Tech To CX-5 Range
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Prices for the Maxx Sport and Touring models have dropped by $400, and the GT & Akera models get a price revision that sees them drop $800 off the purchase price. However, that wasn’t done the traditional way, by throwing out less-than-essential kit to make the purchase offering seem sharper. Rather, Mazda’s thrown more kit at the CX-5, making it more desirable and overall better value.

The big change comes with the Skyactiv-D turbodiesel mill, which has seen significant small revisions. There’s a new bi-stage twin-turbo system with variable turbine geometry, as well as a slightly higher combustion ratio. Further, the 2.2-litre mill utilises a more rapid multi-stage combustion system, which itself demanded new piezo injectors and combustion chambers.

All of that work has resulted in significant power & torque gains, which now sit at 140kW/450Nm, up from the 129kW/420Nm that the mill previously offered.

Mazda Adds Value, Tech To CX-5 Range
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The petrol models haven’t been neglected though. The big 2.5-litre atmo petrol mill, the strongest seller in the range accounting for more than half of total CX-5 sales, gets a cylinder deactivation system that sees you running on two cylinders instead of four when you’re not asking much of the engine. Meanwhile, the entry-level 2.0-litre 4-pot gains a power hike, up to 115kW now, the result of a dizzying 1kW power boost.

It’s not all about motive force, either. The CX-5 Akera, the flagship in the range, now gets a 360º all-round camera, supplementary to the reversing camera that was already standard. Further, all but Maxx Sport cars now get a new heads-up display that displays on the surface of the windscreen rather than on a separate flip-up panel, which is swish.

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