Lotus Confirms Type 130 EV Reveal For July 16th

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It’ll be a historic moment as the firm turns a page.

Lotus Confirms Type 130 EV Reveal For July 16th – Gallery

The Type 130 electric hypercar is a major move for Lotus, which for the first time in a long time is in the pink of financial health and setting its sights higher than ever before. Tired of being a backbencher in the world of high-performance marques, Lotus (quite rightfully) believes that the Type 130 will secure its position as a frontrunner in the eyes of wealthy driving enthusiasts.

Additionally, the Type 130 serves as an engineering tour-de-force, proving that the boys & girls in Hethel have every right to be considered healthy and rightful contenders against hallowed marques like Ferrari and Porsche.

Lotus Confirms Type 130 EV Reveal For July 16th – Gallery

Norfolk has confirmed that the Type 130 will make its full debut on July 16th, at an exclusive event in Central London. This is standard fare for a Geely-owned marque – for reasons we’re currently trying to figure out, they’re not fond of big motorshow reveals, opting for smaller events where they have greater control over access (and subsequent dissemination of information).

The greater freedom of running their own event also means that they’ll be able to look after high-profile clientele better, which is undoubtedly a concern given that “several hundred potential owners” have expressed interest to take a Type 130 home, insinuating that demand far outstrips supply, given that Lotus will only make 130 zero-emissions machines.

Based on what we could see in a teaser video released with the announcement, the Type 130 will pack a CCS charging port (allowing for faster DC charging and more common AC charging), and it’ll be one of the most driver-involving vehicles in the marque’s history. A big claim, given that their cars have always been very sharp driving tools, but necessitated given that this EV will be a stark departure to the “just add lightness” ethos that’s been their calling card since the founding of the company.

It's just another 5 days before we’ll be able to give you the full, proper details on Lotus’ new electric hypercar and hopefully with it, more information on where this legendary marque will be headed in the not-so-distant future.

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