Lexus Announces The End Of The GS Saloon

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Lexus Announces The End Of The GS Saloon

Lexus has announced, in Japan, that their BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 competitor will bite the dust come August this year. While the Lexus GS lineup never really set the world alit, it is something we’ll be sad to see go.

Lexus’ announcement also spells the end for the GS-F, a car that was pretty impressive in its own right but could never really take on its German rivals. The reason Lexus is axing the GS from its lineup is due to poor sales figures. For example, In the United States in 2019, Lexus only sold 3,378 units of the GS, while the ES sold 51,336 units in the same time frame.

Lexus Announces The End Of The GS SaloonLexus Announces The End Of The GS Saloon

Another reason we have for the GS’ demise is the SUV craze. Consider this, the GS sat in a range that consisted of six sedans and coupes while most of the buying power circulated on the side of crossovers and SUVs

To commiserate the demise of the model, Lexus will be launching a special edition, called the Black Line, in certain markets across the globe. It is unclear at this time, if Lexus Australia will receive stock of those. In the meantime, the local arm of Lexus is clearing off its remaining stock. If you’re one who’s always fancied a Lexus GS but never really got around to getting one, then this is your chance. Visit our Showroom, and get the best deal on your next brand-new Lexus.

Lexus Announces The End Of The GS Saloon

However, the Lexus GS didn’t just skate past 4 generations with nothing to show for. The third-generation saloon was the first production car in the world to be a rear-wheel drive hybrid and won the Paul Pietsch Prize for Advanced Technology in 2007. That hybrid – with a 3.5-litre V6 – was also one of the first few cars ever to receive a Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle rating.

The absence of the GS from the range also means that Lexus will only have two V8s to offer, namely: the RC-F and LC. As we previously reported, Toyota is killing off the its UR-series V8 engine, with the Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX to implement turbocharged V6 mills from the next generation forward.

Lexus Announces The End Of The GS Saloon

As for the GS, it’s days are numbered. Literally. But for those who’ve always had an eye out for the GS, it still isn’t too late. Lexus Australia is pushing out its existing stock, and for those interested, head over to our Showroom and get the best deal on your brand-new Lexus. Take up our Best Price Challenge today!

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