Lamborghini Unveils Terzo Millennio

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The future never looked so menacing.

2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, in a joint effort with the vaunted Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have unveiled their latest supercar concept that is designed for the future, specifically the third millennium. Dubbed the ‘Terzo Millennio’ (or ‘third millennium,’ obviously), this sharp, dramatically-styled supercar was shown to the world at EmTech, MIT’s in-house technology conference.

The Terzo Millennio is (expectedly) an all-electric supercar, featuring four in-wheel motors powered by super-conductor technology which Lamborghini says would pair up with a kinetic energy recovery system to provide otherworldly levels of power, though the company has admitted that present-day technology doesn’t quite allow for this. That said, this is a car designed for a world about nine-hundred and eighty-three years away, so it wouldn’t be that great of a leap to assume that we would have made that breakthrough by then.

2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

Interestingly, the energy storage for the Terzo Millennio isn’t centralised in any specific area of the car, like the way a Volvo does for example. Instead, it spreads the weight by adding energy storage capabilities to a myriad of structural components around the car, which helps keep the weight low to the ground and spread out evenly across the body. That body is made almost entirely of carbon fibre, and features sensors that monitor its surface constantly, capable of alerting the driver in the event of any structural compromise (read: damaged panels).

Lamborghini and MIT partnered up to further R&D into material technology and innovation, and the carbon-fibre panels (seen and unseen) are testament to that. While it may look run-of-the-mill, the carbon-fibre developed for the Terzo Millennio claims to feature nanomaterial technology that is capable of using these panels as an energy storage component, meaning that they can charge, retain, and discharge power just like a regular battery. This is the main reason why there exists that complex panel-monitoring system; you didn’t think it was just to tell you if you scraped the nose, did you?

2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

Because the Terzo Millennio uses a fully-electric powertrain, the lack of practical requirements that you would usually get with a supercar like this means that the design could get properly radical, allowing designers and aerodynamics engineers to go mental and come up with a supercar that is shaped almost entirely by a harmonic duet of aesthetics and aerodynamics. Further, the ability to generate propulsion from within the wheels themselves keeps unsparing weight low in the Terzo, and offers a highly-complex all-wheel drive system that we have no doubt will see this thing stick to the road like glue.

Another interesting aspect that the Terzo Millennio aims to address is the “sound & emotion” of the next-millennium supercar. Without a screaming V12 or V10 behind the driver, the Terzo Millennio raises an interesting question: What would this sound like?

Lamborghini suggests that a “deep investigation is needed” to assign a sound to the Terzo, as this undoubtedly plays an enormous role in the experience of driving a product bearing the Taurean bull. The company didn’t go into much detail, so we’re unsure of they merely decided a sound was important, or actually decided on the sound. We think it’s likely the former.

2017 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

In any case, the Terzo Millennio will likely remain just a concept car, likely one of very few Lamborghini studies that won’t be offered to a limited few who express enough interest to buy one. More importantly for plebeians is the Terzo’s position as an indicator of where Lamborghini design is going. With its enormous Y-shaped LED daytime-running lights and ‘hidden’ headlight elements, as well as a relatively clean top surface and a surprisingly-neat tail, maybe this might be the form of the new Aventador when that arrives?

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