Lambo Gives Us Sneak Peek At Upcoming Monster

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Lambo Gives Us Sneak Peek At Upcoming Monster

It’s always an exciting time when the Sant’Agata-based supercar maker gives us a sneak peek at the monsters they create in their Bologna laboratory. This time it’s a track-only hypercar that’s somewhat similar in shape to the Aventador made by their motorsports division and perhaps one to take on Ferrari’s FXX program.

Details are scarce on the Squadra Corse-constructed track weapon’s V12 engine but the company has confirmed that it will be an atmospheric unit displacing 6.5-litres and capable of delivering 610kW to perhaps the rear wheels via a six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission alongside a mechanical self-locking differential which allows drivers to adjust its preload dynamically.  

Lambo Gives Us Sneak Peek At Upcoming MonsterLambo Gives Us Sneak Peek At Upcoming MonsterLambo Gives Us Sneak Peek At Upcoming Monster

Lamborghini says that the structure is composed of an aluminium front frame joined to its carbon fibre monocoque along with an engine roll cage and load-bearing transmission, exactly like a race car. As mentioned, the body looks somewhat similar to that of an Aventador but moulded in carbon fibre to keep the weight down.

Additionally, the teaser video also shows ground effect front and rear spoilers, Brembo brakes, Pirelli P Zero tyres (obviously) and a roof-mounted air scoop for the mid-mounted twelve-cylinder. The company also says it’ll feature a racing front bonnet with dual supplementary air intakes.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the Raging Bull’s latest track weapon.

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