Lamborghini’s Ultimate V12 - Aventador Performante Up Close?

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Lamborghini’s Ultimate V12 - Aventador Performante Up Close

With the Huracan Performante, now that Lamborghini has unlocked the trove of performance possibilities with their new active aerodynamics system called - in the much cooler-sounding Italian - Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, or ALA, they’re close to perfecting its application on the larger and more powerful Aventador.

Lamborghini’s Ultimate V12 - Aventador Performante Up Close

 These spy photographs capture the V12 Lambo in some pretty heavy amounts of camouflage. Luckily, the aero bits that would make the most difference is more or less visible here. Despite the nameplate existing since 2011 at the head of the Sant’Agata supercar maker’s portfolio, the Aventador might yet have a few surprises in store prior to being phased out to make way for an all-new V12 flagship.

As you’d expect, the Aventador here sports some rather extreme exterior enhancements. We see hints of the SV and Centenario, but also the rear treatment that’s straight out of the Huracan Performante’s playbook, with a twin exhaust layout, big wing and a more menacing diffuser.

Lamborghini’s Ultimate V12 - Aventador Performante Up Close

An opaque panel with directional cooling sills replace the louvred engine cover of the standard car, while more aggressive side skirts and chin splitter round out the observable changes. It’s very likely that Lamborghini’s team have removed a significant amount of weight, too, through omission of sound insulation, non-critical equipment, and perhaps much of the steel and aluminium components being replaced by carbon fibre or titanium.

The naturally aspirated V12 in the facelifted Aventador S produces 544kW at 8,400rpm and 690Nm  at 5,500rpm. However, this same 6.5-litre unit has been tuned to produce as much as 566kW in the ultra-limited Centenario.

With the lighter weight, extra power, and superior aerodynamics, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lamborghini are intent on reclaiming the title of fastest production car to lap the Nurburgring that was clinched by the Huracan Performante just before its launch.

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