Lamborghini Releases SC18 – New Kinds Of Unhinged

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It’s a customer-commissioned one-off, so put away your chequebook.

2018 Lamborghini SC18 by Squadra Corse

Italian supercar marque Lamborghini have introduced a new hardcore, track-only one-off model, dubbed the SC18. The product of Lambo’s skunkworks Squadra Corse, the SC18 is the embodiment of just how far you can push a V12 on tarmac, free from the regulations and limitations that come with legalising vehicles for the road.

Starting with an Aventador SVJ, Squadra Corse massaged the 6.5-litre V12 to produce a little more power (8kW more to be exact), amounting to a pretty impressive 574kW and 720Nm. That power is then delivered to the same 7-speed single-clutch automated-manual as in the standard Aventador, albeit with some small tweaks to make it that much more ruthless in execution.

2018 Lamborghini SC18 by Squadra Corse

Then the guys at SC went to work on the body, adding various aerodynamic addenda to ensure that you never mistake this as a lesser V12 Lamborghini. There are elements inspired by racing, and air-intakes that draw a direct link to those from the Huracan GT3 EVO. The rear fenders, fins, and air scoops are instead inspired by another SC racecar, the Huracan Super Trofeo EVO.

What’s interesting is that the carbon-fibre rear wing, which is absolutely enormous, is manually-adjustable: Three positions can be selected, moving focus either from downforce to top speed. Downforce is a major focus of the SC18 (obviously), and when paired to its ultra-lightweight design, as well as specially-developed Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres, it’ll probably an absolute monster on the track.

The interior’s been given a once-over too, dominated by black Alcantara seats and bright-red highlights throughout. There’s a unique infotainment system here replete with bespoke telemetry software, which can measure both the performance of the car and the squishy, organic thing behind the wheel.

2018 Lamborghini SC18 by Squadra Corse

This won’t be the end of Squadra Corse’s involvement in developing extreme versions of already out-there Lamborghinis. While its focus is predominantly on motorsports, it’s suggested that SC’s capabilities are more attuned with making the dreams of wealthy Lamborghini fans come true, and won’t shy away from taking to task less typical products, like the Urus SUV.

Also, don’t ask about how much it cost. Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s rude to talk about other peoples’ money?

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