Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Will Be Final V12 Sans Hybrid

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Aventador SVJ Retakes Nurburgring Crown For Lamborghini

There’s reason to share in Lamborghini’s elation upon taking back the Nurburgring production lap record with the Aventador SVJ after first setting that record with the Huracan Performante only to lose it 8 months later to Porsche and their 911 GT2 RS.

However, that elation is bittersweet, especially for those most passionately working on the handbill naturally aspirated engines that are slotted into these cars. The progress of time and technology has meant that, with the Urus, they have had to accommodate an SUV into their line-up as well as one that has a turbocharged VW Group engine.

Lamborghini Confirms Aventador SVJ, Hunts Nurburgring Record

It also means that their solely combustion-powered beasts are having to succumb to the pressures of emissions regulations and expectations to reduce fuel consumption across the board. Rather than surrendering to forced-induction, it has been long confirmed that Lamborghini will adopt electrified components to augment their atmospheric instruments of fire and wind.

But now we know, via a report by Top Gear, that the Aventador SVJ is very likely the final breed of uncorrupted mid-engine bulls, punctuated here by its ultimate V12 incarnate. From here on out, its follow-ons will be hybrids.

Lamborghini Confirms Aventador SVJ, Hunts Nurburgring Record

The verbal reveal stemmed from Lamborghini’s head of R&D, Maurizio Reggiani, who was quoted saying “this is the last time the V12 will be on its own” in reference to the 6.5-litre V12 that sits in the middle of the Aventador SVJ, which is said to produce somewhere in the region of 760-800 horsepower (566-596kW). The Sant’Agata automaker says the car features a “1.98kg/hp” weight to power ratio, which is bananas.

It was revealed last week that the SVJ, which is still under wraps and only due to have its official premiere later this year, had broken the Nurburgring production lap record currently held by Porsche by nearly 3 seconds with a time of 6 minutes 44.97 seconds.

The car has been quite thoroughly refined to remove any excess mass and to integrate the various new components that comprise Lamborghini’s active aerodynamics technology, which allows the car to be dynamically alter the airflow to maximise downforce in corners and also minimise drag at high speed.

The hybrid systems due to be installed into future Lamborghini models will be a definite philosophical departure for the Italian marque, for sure, and is a move that’s sure to increase weight. However, as proven by the LaFerrari hypercar especially, such a powertrain can prove extremely potent while retaining many of the beloved virtues of a proper V12 supercar.

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