Kia Teases 2017 Rio Before Paris Unveil

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Kia Teases 2017 Rio Before Paris Unveil

We would have preferred actual photographs but at least these illustrations that Kia has so kindly furnished the world’s automotive media with do a decent job at representing all-new Rio realistically.

No overly squat or stretched proportions or wheels with zero tyre thickness. Instead, it looks like a relatively accurate representation of the car we’ll soon be seeing when the Korean automaker unveils it at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show which, being in September, is just a few weeks away at this point.

The all-new fourth-generation Rio’s design is step forward but not so much a departure. The wheelbase and overall size has been kept, it would seem, while a slightly longer bonnet and front overhang are paired with a new and more angular fascia that has new U-shaped LED daytime running lights.

Kia Teases 2017 Rio Before Paris Unveil

Around the back, we see slightly thinner but overall larger tail lamps with a ‘triple 7’ LED illuminators and a more contoured boot lid. The eight-spoke alloys drawn here along with the more aggressive lines, accents and boot spoiler indicate that Kia’s plan for the next Rio may take a sporty turn.

We also get a peek into the next Rio’s interior through yet another sketch that reveals an altogether more in-line with the current-day aesthetic. With its two-tone mix of textures, colours and materials, paired with the recessing dashboard and protruding centre stack, it combines newfound minimalism with modernity that Kia has had trouble conveying in the past. But let’s hope it translates into the finished product.

Kia Teases 2017 Rio Before Paris Unveil

We are especially praiseful of Kia’s integration between the infotainment system, front air vents, HVAC controls and other switchgear in the centre of the dashboard. It reduces clutter and recedes further down into a clear area for storage.

The new Rio will face competition from the upcoming seventh-generation Ford Fiesta, the Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio, and Mazda2 among others. It will be taking over from what is currently Kia’s most successful car by volume. No pressure, then.

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