Kia Outs All-New Rio Ahead Of Paris Premiere

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Kia Outs All-New Rio Ahead Of Paris Premiere

Kia is set to introduce the all-new fourth-generation Rio at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, specifically on September 29th, bringing an fresh exterior and interior that was designed in Europe and North America (Germany and California). 

The Korean automaker had previously teased the all-new hatch with the release of some digital sketches but roughly a month prior to its physical unveil, has now put forth new pictures of the actual car that reveal the sketches weren’t too far off. 

Kia Outs All-New Rio Ahead Of Paris Premiere

Sure, the huge wheels aren’t there but the rim design remains, so too does the car’s beefier look with Kia’s signature ‘tiger nose’ grille and fascia that feature U-shaped LED daytime running lamps. There are also character lines that run the length of the all-new Rio for a more substantial look, aided or perhaps causing its 5mm wider body. 

Inside, the Rio gains some notable upgrades from its predecessor. On comparison with other new Kia models, the Rio’s overall step is more evolutionary. It does gain some kit that doesn’t feature on any other model such as the new angled dashboard which premieres the new ‘floating’ infotainment system which Kia cheekily calls the HMI (human-machine interface) - brilliant. 

Kia Outs All-New Rio Ahead Of Paris Premiere

The upshot is that the button count on the centre stack has been reduced by moving them to the high-res touchscreen. HVAC controls, thankfully, remain as tactile dials below the snazzy digital setup. 

The cabin comes standard with either black or grey cloth upholstery or faux leather upholstery. Regardless of trim, there will be gloss black and metallic trim throughout to give the new Rio a more premium interior finish.

Buyers can also choose the optional ‘Red Pack’ which, you guessed it, brings a red finish to the upholstery and accents. 

Kia Outs All-New Rio Ahead Of Paris Premiere

So far there is no solid information on what sort of engines or new safety equipment that will accompany the new Rio’s look and plusher occupant accommodation but it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that, at least on the powertrain front, there will be quite a bit of carry over from the current Rio or some of its other models such as the Cerato. 

Production on the all-new Rio is slated to begin in Europe towards the tail end of 2016 with a global rollout to customers likely aimed at early 2017. 

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