Just An Electric Ford F-150 Nonchalantly Towing 450,000kg

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Just An Electric Ford F-150 Nonchalantly Tows 450,000kg

So far, the benefit of an electric powertrain have been expressed in terms of speed and instant torque through cars like the Tesla Model S and its face-bending accelerations in Ludicrous Mode. However, that same torque is delivered in huge quantities in addition to it being available from any speed.

That has lead Ford to build in an electric powertrain into their popular truck, the F-150, resulting this ‘All-Eletric Prototype’ seen here. From the outside, it looks just like any other example of the Built Ford Tough pick-up, and that’s what the group of existing owners shown in the video thought as well.

Just An Electric Ford F-150 Nonchalantly Tows 450,000kg

Soon after, the F-150’s chief engineer Linda Zhang appeared to brief the boys on what was about to happen. To their disbelief, there was much towing that needed doing. First, the electric prototype F-150 was hooked up to a 10 cargo rail cars. Shockingly, the truck performed the tasked with ease, even nonchalance.

Just after that, the purpose of the 42 production F-150s that were assembled at the rail yard were revealed. They were there to commemorate the 42 years that the F-150 has remained as the best-selling truck in the United States. One by one, they were loaded into the double decker rail cars.

Just An Electric Ford F-150 Nonchalantly Tows 450,000kg

That made for a total load of over 1 million pounds (just over 450,000kg). The electric F-150 had the unenviable task to pulling all that mass over a distance of 1,000 feet, of a bit more than 300 metres. After some trepidation, the truck did just that.

Its chassis did yield somewhat at the rear while the electric motors applied all that torque through the conventional wheels and tyres, and soon the unprecedented tow was underway. That’s some perspective.

Just An Electric Ford F-150 Nonchalantly Tows 450,000kg

Though Ford’s electric prototype might look exactly like a F-150 SuperCrew, peeking at the undercarriage reveals a floor that’s been utilised for battery storage, significantly reducing the truck’s ground clearance over the production model. Our guess it is using a dual motor drive layout instead of a motor on all four hubs.

The Dearborn-based automaker is keeping the prototype’s details well under wraps for now, so we have no idea how much torque was laid down to tow that enormous load, and so undramatically.

Ford is also used the opportunity to tease the eventual arrival of a fully-electric F-150 in showrooms relatively soon, though that date has yet to be set. In the meantime, the company has confirmed that a new variant of the F-150 with a hybrid powertrain will be going on sale next year.

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