Infiniti Tries To Unveil QX Inspiration And Fails Spectacularly

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Even Faraday Future wasn’t this hopeless.

2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – NAIAS 2019

Left-of-field Japanese luxury marque Infiniti had queued up one of the hottest debuts scheduled for the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), in the form of the QX Inspiration. The all-electric concept car was set to preview the brand’s intent to break into the zero-emissions automobile space, and how Infiniti would seamlessly integrate high-end cutting-edge technology with old-school traits of luxury, but it instead showed over 100 members of the international automotive press that these high-strung concept cars sometimes develop a bit of an attitude.

It was scheduled to roll out onto the stage in front of the press at 11.40pm but as the crowd filtered into the hall, there were technicians working on the QX Inspiration that we’ve already seen in high-res photographs. Despite the technical difficulties the company went on with the event, with the emcee reportedly saying “It’s here, but you can’t see it.” At least they have a sense of humour.

2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – NAIAS 20192019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – NAIAS 20192019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – NAIAS 2019

After a curtain pull revealing the concept car sitting to the left of the stage, the curtains were drawn again a few moments later. All in all, more than 30-minutes passed before Infiniti’s precursor to the future rolled out onto the stage, in front of a significantly-smaller crowd. Infiniti’s global comms boss Trevor Hale said in an email later that day that the QX Inspiration “is a bit of a diva,” and delayed its debut.

There’s little question that the QX Inspiration is a fully-electric crossover, just another such machine to join the ranks of so many that are slated for production in the coming years. Predictably the QX Inspiration also packs its batteries into the floor, also offers two motors powering two axles, and has a range claimed to be in excess of 500km on a single charge. What is innovative is the use of cabin materials, which includes open-pore wood & marble to create a lounge-like atmosphere.

And of course it’s capable of autonomous driving, which sees the entire driving-related part of the cockpit disappear into the floor to create one, harmonious, luxurious living space on wheels.

2019 Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept – NAIAS 2019

Like we said when Infiniti dropped some photos of the car last week, the QX Inspiration is just another instalment in the growing EV-SUV trend, which is so saturated that it becomes a struggle to say anything unique, noteworthy or of-value about any of them. In a world where every other car is an EV SUV, all doing the same thing in broadly the same way, perhaps it’s style and presentation alone that will sway you. And if that’s the case, the QX Inspiration should do just about fine.

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