Infiniti Teases Qs Inspiration Concept For Shanghai

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We’re going to guess it’s white.

Infiniti Teases Qs Inspiration Concept For Shanghai – Gallery

Nissan luxury sub-brand Infiniti are preparing something interesting for Auto Shanghai it seems, with a sports saloon concept that’s said to provide a peek at a future model. They’ve dubbed it the ‘Qs Inspiration,’ and it’s underpinned by a new modular platform developed specifically and exclusively for all-electric powertrains.

The design of the Qs Inspiration concept is said to be drawn from “the art & modern architecture of Japan,” with its very-obviously minimalist design. It’s so minimalist in fact that for the teaser, Infiniti appears to have thrown out colours altogether, going for a black-on-white theme instead.

Inside, which we cannot see, Infiniti claims that there is “a clutter-free cockpit designed to engage the driver, and a relaxed passenger zone that makes the most of the generous interior space.” We’re going to say that this is an electric concept, and that the cabin will have “generous” amounts of space thanks to that flat floor.

Infiniti Teases Qs Inspiration Concept For Shanghai – Gallery

It’s worth noting that in the press release that circulated this teaser image, Infiniti also made mention of their Q45 saloon that was first introduced in 1989. Back then it was considered a revolutionary machine, with a 4.5-litre V8 and even an active suspension system. While we’re highly doubtful that an eight-cylinder engine will be featured here, the Qs Inspiration could serve as a precursor to a sleek, stylish new saloon model that would inherit the essence of the Q45, which is certainly an exciting prospect.

More details on the Qs Inspiration Concept will drop as the doors to Auto Shanghai open in a fortnight, so be sure to stay tuned to CarShowroom as we bring you updates as they come.

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